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Photo by April Hughes

Giving audiences that “trip back in time experience” takes effort.  Unlike many bands that play “a bit of everything”, Tyme plays music from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s exclusively.  Other bands may play songs from that era, and some may come fairly close to playing them like the original recordings.  However, most bands fall short of achieving the sound of the originals, leaving audiences disappointed.  But every musician in Tyme has a reverence for those great recordings from the glory days of rock ‘n’ roll, and as a band, strive to come as close as possible to sounding like those records when they first hit the AM airwaves!  The original recordings’ instrumentation and vocal parts, as well as details like the percussion and even the reverb effects on the originals are studied, and then implemented, in Tyme’s performance of the songs.  

Photo by Nanker Phelge

Playing the songs like the originals is one thing.  But a band also needs to have the equipment and knowhow required to make those songs reach the audience's ears. Tyme comes to every gig with the necessary sound and lighting equipment, as well as the technical skills required to rock.           


Photo by April Hughes

In addition to the four musicians on stage, Keith Stiles, Tyme’s live sound engineer, mixes the band at every show, making sure that the audience hears the songs as they were meant to sound.  Keith has been involved in live event production for over 24 years, including working with a number of well-known artists' tours, including Sting, James Taylor, Heart, Tina Turner, REO Speedwagon, Bryan Adams and others.  Whether playing at a club, an outdoor festival, or anywhere else, the band puts on a professional, entertaining show! 



If you love the classic rock hits of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, and want to hear those songs just like you remember them, come to Tyme’s next gig and be prepared to take a magic carpet ride!                            


Rockin' the Classic Hits of the '60's and '70's in Nashville, Tennessee!


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