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Tyme is comprised of four Nashville musicians, all of whom have played rock ’n’ roll most of their lives.  The band’s influences are varied, but its roots are deep, with members hailing from Chicago, Los Angeles, San Antonio and Norfolk. Tyme’s lead singer was the lead vocalist for the classic rock band Head East when they were touring the Midwest, and their drummer is the CEO of the Nashville Symphony when he isn't beating the drums for Tyme. Everyone  in the band is passionate about the music, and they all have the chops to rock.    


When they formed the band in 2010, they made a conscious decision NOT to put their own stamp on the sound of the songs that they played.  Instead, the object from day one was to play the songs with the authentic sound of the original hit records so that people in the audience will be transported to another era.  In other words, so they’ll take a trip back in time (ummm…that’s Tyme)!  From the response of audiences, they’ve succeeded in doing just that.  Tyme has performed at many high-profile venues, including The Schermerhorn Symphony Center and on the main stage at the Riverfront for Nashville's 4th of July celebration. Regardless of where they play, people love listening to the band’s instrumentation and spot-on three part harmonies, but perhaps more important, the music gets everyone dancing! 


Tyme HAS come today…Come out to the next gig and rock  to the hits of the '60's and '70s!



Rockin' the Classic Hits of the '60's and '70's in Nashville, Tennessee!


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